I am Abhigyan Singh.
A 2019 B.Tech graduate from SRM University.

  • I am a Electronics and Communication Engineer with a passion towards Data.
  • My professional objective is to maximize the ROI by bridging the gap between Business and Data.
  • I enjoy finding Optimal solutions to complex business problems.
  • I enjoy communicating and sharing my ideas.
  • My greatest strength is the ability to adapt in the fast-paced environment.
  • I am a quick learner and I deep dive into the things I learn.

My Experience

2021, Oct

Developer(Data Science), Hylo.biz
  • Created Business Dashboards
  • OCR to caption KYC Documents
  • OCR to read Bank Statements
  • Credit Scoring Model

2021, Mar

Product Engineer Intern (Data Science), Hylo.biz
  • Customer Acquisition Modelling
  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Payment Fraud Detection Model
  • Invoice Fraud Detection

2020, Sep

Data Science Research Intern, INSAID
  • Researched on algorithms to tackle domain specific problems
  • Wrote tech blogs for company
  • Data Visualization and Predictive Modeling
  • Helped create course material
  • Research on AutoML and Cloud platforms to build a course


Technical Skills

  • Languages
    → Python
    → R
    → Julia
    → SQL

  • Maching Learning
    → Regression and Tree Models
    → Neural Networks
    → NLP
    → sklearn, pandas, numpy, pyspark

  • Tools
    → VSCode
    → Colab and Anaconda
    → Pycharm
    → Docker

  • BI-Tools
    → PowerBI
    → Tableau

  • Databases
    → PostgresSQL
    → Basics of MongoDB

  • MLOps/DevOps
    → Airflow
    → Jenkins

Personal Skills

  • Possess the quality of a Good Story Teller.

  • Team Player with effective communication skills.

  • Ability to think of parallel solutions to the complex issues.


News Classifier and Online News Fetcher

  • Created a model that could predict the category in which news article belongs.
  • Deployed it using AWS Fargate by containerizing it with Docker.
  • Achieved accuracy score of 0.65 on the test data.

Loan Defaulters Predictions

  • Worked on the problem of predicting the number of defaulters of a given loan.
  • Achieved an f1-Score of 99% for the imbalanced data.

Automatic Image Caption Generator

Image Caption Generator is a Deep Learning based approach,where if a image is fed to the model,it generates a approriate description of the image.


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